Is your network in the red?

Thoughtful Thursday Series

Your network is like a bank; you have to put in before you take out. The currency is trust.

Networking is a vital part of your career development. Your network can help you gather intelligence, ideas and inspiration. People in your network can introduce you to their networks and to colleagues within their organisations.

However, networking is just a fancy word for building relationships and relationships are built over time, on a fundament of mutual interest and trust. People will help you, if they know you. People will help you, if they trust you. People will help you, if you help them.

If you start networking, when you need a job, it is too late. Building relationships and trust takes time so, don’t ask for favors from people you barely know. Build trust first and put in, before you take out.

Networking is a key element of our Career Lab program.


Article by Jens, Career Lab Strategist