Pressing Business Issues for C-Suite Leaders in 2018


The latest issue of the “Executive Talent” magazine published by AESC includes a very interesting article about the key challenges faced by today’s leaders.

The study was conducted by the Conference Board (TCB). For 18 years, the TCB surveyes CEOs from around the world to better understand the challenges executives face and the strategies used to address them.

This highly-anticipated annual research report has been expanded this year, to include the full C-Suite in TCB’s “C-Suite Challenge™ 2018: Reinventing the Organization for the Digital Age.”

The findings in this study reflect a general atmosphere of confidence in the global economy. Businesses are focused on competing in the digital world and reinventing themselves through digital transformation, new strategies, organizational culture, and attracting and retaining talent.

The results of our C-Suite Challenge™ 2018 survey show that to meet the digital transformation challenge, our CEO respondents are focused on building leadership teams of strategic thinkers who are adaptable, entrepreneurial, and capable of inspiring employees. They are dedicated to the creation of innovative, customer centric and inclusive workplace environments within their organizations. Meanwhile, executives slightly down the ladder in the C-Suite are embracing the highly tactical strategy side of organization-building to support this bigger vision. (from “C-Suite ChallengeTM 2018” – The Conference Board)

Read the full article on AESC website, following this link.