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Leadership Assessment & Development

Optimize Leadership Impact

Build High Performing Teams

Our leadership services help companies assess and develop the right executive capabilities to deliver their specific business strategies.

Using a combination of assessment tools, our experts will evaluate a leader’s ability to think strategically, set direction, drive performance and build teams. This will offer an in-depth understanding of the person’s key strengths, potential and development needs.

Leadership Assessment & Development

Leaders have different capabilities, motivations and levels of agility. Making sure the right people are joining your executive team, either by internal promotion or external recruitment, is essential.


Will this candidate fit the management team? How does an internal candidate benchmark against the market? Do she/he have a suitable set of competencies, behaviours and skills to integrate the business effectively? What are the skill gaps?

Leadership assessment helps organizations mitigate talent risks
and make objective, informed people decisions. Our team works with companies mainly to:

                              Assess candidates’ fit for senior roles

                              Manage succession planning

                              Determine development needs


Following the assessment of your executives’ strengths, you will have a clear picture of their development needs.

By correlating this and the company’s business objectives, our team can support you design and deliver targeted programs to develop key leadership capabilities to meet various business outcomes.

Depending on your needs, we develop tailored one-to-one coaching or programmes for a cohort of participants, to build agility and capability and ultimately improve performance.

Optimize Leadership Impact

We support organizations with the design and implementation of the following optimization modules:

• Leadership Transitions

We support newly-hired leaders, or leaders transitioning into new roles, to identify and map out key priorities for his/her first 90/180 days.

• Development Planning

We explore the strengths and development needs of a leader and help create a bespoke, actionable development plan.

• Targeted Coaching

We empower leaders by addressing key development needs as outlined in their assessment report and development plan.

Build High Performing Teams

Our experts work closely with organizations to diagnose and enhance teams’ performance. By using a combination of assessment tools, we are able to identify a team’s strengths, interaction patterns and dysfunctional areas. These insights are then used to develop tailored programmes that will address those specific improvement areas.

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