No replies to your CV? Don’t blunderbuss the market


Thoughtful Thursday Series

A Blunderbuss is an ancient type of gun with a distinctive trumpet-shaped barrel. According to the Gun Classics Encyclopaedia, its design makes it “lacking in accuracy or range, a blunt and crude weapon”. A blunderbuss is all over the place.

“I have sent loads of CVs but, I get no replies” is one of the most frequent frustrations, my clients express.

If you blast dozens of companies and headhunters with your CV, in an attempt to catch their attention, you’re being a blunderbuss. You are missing your target and you’re wasting your time. Consequently, you’re also wasting the time of the people, you wish to engage. People you need on your side.

The result of blunderbussing is predictable. You send loads of CVs and get no response. Disappointment and despair follow soon after. You panic and increase the volume of contact attempts. Firing that blunderbuss again.

If you want your job search to be successful, you must be precise, specific and relevant. Observe, analyse, focus. Identify your target, aim carefully and fire one bullet at a time. It is a matter of quality over quantity.

Selecting your target industries, employers and headhunters, whilst focusing your efforts on opportunities where you add real value, are core components of our Career Strategy program.

Article by Jens, Career Lab Strategist