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Talent Mapping

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We assist talent acquisition teams in identifying potential profiles in the market and effectively building talent pipelines that they can tap into. Additionally, by working closely with our clients, we tailor project based recruitment solutions to meet their specific talent needs.

Talent mapping

If your company is considering entering a new market or expanding in a new region, a good understanding of the talent landscape can underpin the success of the business. Talent mapping can offer you the competitive advantage needed to make the right strategic and tactical decisions.

By charting competitor’s teams and organizational structures, positions and skills, we provide you with valuable insights and a holistic view on the current talent market and trends.

Pending specific client requirements, our mapping solution focuses on:

   Identifying key candidates by market, industry, geography or function
   Gathering specific data about company or department structures and reporting lines

Based on your business objectives, we will adapt the mapping and delivery strategy to best suit your needs. The output of our mapping service is usually a comprehensive chart of candidates with profile names, job titles and contact details.

Global Talent Pipeline

For business-critical roles or for high-risk positions, having a robust talent pipeline is imperative to avoid disruption. This is also valid for growing companies that are in the process of expanding or creating new positions in response to an ever-shifting business environment, requiring new skills and a unique blend of capabilities.

Our team of talent sourcers can support you in building a solid and diverse leadership pipeline for a specific project, region or market. By working closely with your talent acquisition team, we provide custom-made pipeline solutions that offer you a qualified talent stream.

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Project Recruitment

Based on your specific needs, we offer bespoke project recruitment solutions.

We have extensive experience delivering volume recruitment projects and supporting talent acquisition teams in delivering projects in a timely and efficient manner. Our team of researchers can relieve the intense workload of screening and development of candidates and present you with either a qualified longlist or final shortlist of profiles.

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