Top Five Career Development Tips

Thoughtful Thursday Series

1. There is no quick fix
2. There is no quick fix
3. There is no quick fix
4. There is no quick fix
5. There is no quick fix

You don’t need a fix. You need focus and structure. If your career had a Fast Forward button, you would have found it already. Hit Structure and Focus instead.

Five Structured Steps

1. Who are you and what do you offer? Reflect on your career and define what you achieved, what you learned, what you like, what you don’t like, what energizes you, what makes you special. This is your value proposition.

2. Set clear career goals. Where do you want to go? What do you want from your next job? Which industries do you want to work in? What function? Where in the world? How do you want your career to fit into your other life priorities? What do you want from your career in the long term? If you don’t know where you are going, it’s pretty hard to find.

3. Define your journey and progress plan. How do you reach your goal? Can you reach it right now or do you need to take intermediate steps along the way? What information do you need? Which skills do you need to develop? Who do you need to build relationships with? Build a project plan with realistic milestones and timings. Track your progress, measure your results and correct when needed.

4. Enhance your visibility. Approximately 80% of management and executive opportunities are not publicly posted. Rather than chasing the 20% everyone can see, make sure the recruiters can find you for the 80% you can’t see. Your relationships / network, LinkedIn presence, articles, posts and CV are all part of your visibility tool kit.
And no; a headhunter will not recruit you, just because you like a lot of stuff on LinkedIn or re-post Jack Ma’s latest words of wisdom. That is not visibility.

5. Don’t go solo. Career development and job searching requires reflection, inspiration and support. Lean on trusted advisors, old colleagues, alumni from university and mentors in your network. Help others along their career path. You learn a lot from helping others and it feels wonderful. If you struggle, get professional help. Your career has a major impact on your happiness, your financial security and your self-confidence. Invest in it.

Career Assessment, Goal Setting, Planning and Execution are core modules of our Career Strategy program.


Article by Jens, Career Lab Strategist.